Bird the ring that transforms any surface into a touch screen

Bird, the connected ring developed by the Israeli startup MUV Interactive, offers the possibility of transferring the contents of your computer’s screen to a wall, table or any other surface with a single movement of your finger. Already marketed in the United States, the Bird ring is now coming to Europe.

Described by the start-up as a tiny gadget that transforms any space into an interactive 3D environment, Bird is an object that resembles a large ring worn on the index finger. Its 10 sensors and numerous cameras allow it to detect the pointed object, recognize the movements performed by the user and grasp their meaning. The data retrieved by the sensors are then processed in real time by the Bird’s algorithms, using a Bluetooth connection. Orders are then transmitted to connected objects (computers, tablets, smartphones, smartphones, smart lights, Hi-Fi systems, projectors, air conditioning, heating, etc.) or to virtual screens that can appear on any surface (wall, table, sofa) using a projector. A television can also be used as a virtual screen. The Bird partner application allows you to enable or disable plug-ins, i.e. decide which device will connect to the Bird.

When the virtual screen appears, the user can zoom, scroll, move, rotate, etc. as with a touch screen, except that for the Bird there is no real screen. Thanks to virtual screens, the Bird allows a more fluid and very intuitive interaction with mobile applications.

The 19-gram object operates at a distance of about 8 meters and is equipped with voice functionality to interact with the Bird and thus with connected objects or virtual screens around you. If the professional field is the first one we think of for the Bird, so much it can revolutionize 3D product presentations of companies or lead a meeting with a team, its potential lies far beyond. In the educational field, it is becoming a valuable element for interactive learning, especially since 10 people can interact simultaneously on the same content.

This is one of the Bird’s revolutionary points. From architecture to the medical field and more interactive museum visits, the Bird’s fields of application have no limits. In the category of atypical uses of the Bird, we find the possibility of piloting a drone or the possibility for children to continue to color from their bed.
MUV Interactive stands out from other companies that have developed products that allow remote control of objects, such as Microsoft and its Kinect, because the use of the Bird is not limited to remote control of TV and video games. The start-up sees its product as a way to get rid of our dependence on remote controls, tablets and mobile phones. The Bird works with devices running Windows, MacOS and mobiles running Android and iOS. The sale price will be 225 €.


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