HaptX VR gloves achieve incredible realism

Usually, commercially available VR gloves offer a haptic feedback that is similar to a feeling of vibration, but this does not really reveal the nature of the object affected. This is not the case with this new HaptX innovation, which promises to make your virtual hands feel different textures, shapes, temperatures, hardness… Moreover, these gloves are able to prevent your hands from passing through virtual objects!

To achieve such precision and realism, this HaptX virtual reality glove was designed with a smart silicone fabric composed of small air pockets that form more haptic actuators under the fingers (more sensitive), and much less under the palms and in the palm of the hand. When you touch a virtual object, these hundreds of bubbles swell and make your skin feel like it really does.
Apart from this second skin, it is also possible to add another layer, this time made up of microchannels through which water circulates to allow the user to feel the different temperatures. This revolutionary glove also allows you to simulate force feedback to apply resistance of up to two kilos to each finger.

Despite everything, HaptX gloves have a major disadvantage: they are heavy, bulky and uncomfortable, particularly because the glove is connected to an external module that propels air through a cable… Moreover, if the first version of the gloves is launched next year, the marketing will only concern professionals working in medical, military or industrial spaces, for example, as its precision and finesse are more important in these fields to which virtual reality applies, than in the video game world….

Another interesting fact is that HaptX plans to use this technology to create a complete bodysuit. Indeed, the company Jake Rubin who will market these gloves is considering combining this accessory with an exoskeleton for a complete immersion in a virtual environment.


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