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 Windows Vista Reviews

Now that Windows Vista is finally out, what's the verdict? Windows Vista Reviews is a collection of 3rd party reviews, as well as, opinions from our forum members.

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Opening My Vistas (TidBITS)
Date: 4th March 2007
Devout Mac fan, Glenn Fleishman, talks about his experience with Windows Vista that came pre-installed in his shiny new Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop ...more

Life With Windows Vista - Part 1 (GotFrag)
Date: 13th February 2007
Jason Krueger writes an ongoing blog that details his journey with Windows Vista. Lots of information and screenshots a plenty - highly recommended ...more

Windows Vista Review (Bit-Tech)
Date: 30th January 2007
Without considering the gaming advantages of Vista, it's clear to us that the new MS OS is worth the asking price - providing you can pick up an OEM copy ...more

Windows Vista: Look Before You Leap (PC World)
Date: 29th January 2007
Installation was quite smooth, but some early problems followed. Adding and configuring applications and security was frustrating ...more

Windows Vista Review (Paul Thurrot)
Date: 31st December 2006
Should you upgrade? Yes, you should. I still prefer clean installs over upgrades, though Microsoft has made progress with refining the upgrade process ...more

Why Windows Vista Is Bad? (BadVista)
Updated list of problems with Windows Vista by an anti-Microsoft advocate.


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